Burn Island Unleashed

A New Era for V1 G3M NFTs!

Salad Ventures
5 min readDec 19, 2023

Welcome to the next big upgrade in the revamped World of Arcaden — Introducing Burn Island. All existing V1 G3M NFT holders will have the option to burn their V1 G3Ms to acquire Collectibles, and subsequently mint out their V2 G3M NFTs for points in the Arcaden League.

This new feature is poised to redefine how users interact with their existing V1 G3Ms, unlocking a world of possibilities and rewards. Join us on a journey through Burn Island as we explore the hows and whys behind this exciting development.

🌄 Understanding V1 G3Ms

With the original G3Ms contract launched via Galxe.com, V1 G3Ms used an ERC-721 contract standard which made transactions expensive. Every NFT, regardless of whether it has the same metadata, is regarded as a unique asset and each transaction has to be done (and charged) individually.

Minting 10 “identical” NFTs such as Purple G3Ms would require you to pay 10 times the gas fee, whereas with the ERC-1155 Contract, you would only have to pay gas once to mint all 10 NFTs.

With over 4 million NFTs, and over 5 million transactions to date, the change in contract standard is in line with our goal to keep fees as low as possible for our users, so they can participate more.

A new contract will also allow us to have more features built in; an option we never had before.

As V1 G3Ms are no longer available for minting on Galxe.com, users can still try to acquire them through third-party marketplaces like OpenSea or OKX.

🌉 Transition of V1 to V2 G3Ms

First 10 G3M Collectibles to be introduced to Arcaden

Introducing Collectibles

G3Ms have been introduced as Collectibles to Arcaden, prior to the launch of the V2 G3M NFT Contract. Users will be able to start collecting V2 G3Ms in the form of off-chain assets known as Collectibles.

This also allows users to make full use of the new V2 G3Ms ERC-1155 contract, to collect multiple collectibles prior to batch minting them as NFTs, in order to save gas fees.

Collectibles act as a whitelist for the user, and allow them to mint V2 G3M NFTs once both the smart contract, and minting features are launched. Over 50+ new G3Ms have been introduced as Collectibles, and subsequently NFTs.

Burn Island

All existing V1 G3M NFT holders are now able to burn their V1 G3Ms using Arcaden Credits to acquire Collectibles, and subsequently mint out their V2 G3M NFTs on Arcaden.

Users have the option to burn individual V1 G3Ms, or their entire collection. Every burn will be recorded and users will be rewarded with Shards (formerly known as tickets) for every V1 G3M NFT burned as an early adopters reward.

Role of V2 G3M NFTs

Gear up for the Arcaden League, where V2 G3Ms take center stage, playing a pivotal role in your journey. Only V2 G3Ms hold the key to scoring points, making the strategic move of burning V1 G3Ms for Collectibles crucial for your preparation.

🏆 Arcaden League

In the Arcaden League, users will get points for each V2 G3M NFT collected and climb the leaderboard. Top scorers of the Leaderboard will be eligible for a seasonal prize pool that will be distributed in $SALD.

A base prize pool will be guaranteed by Arcaden, and a percentage of all Credit deposits on Arcaden will be added to the prize pool.

Every point earned brings you closer to exclusive rewards and recognition within the Arcaden community. Starting early now on Arcaden.com will reap incredible benefits in the future, especially with the upcoming launch of the minting feature and the Arcaden League.

🎆 What’s Next for Burn Island?

Expanding the Horizons

In the near future, users will have the ability to burn not only V1 G3Ms but also other assets like SPLY Crates, OATs from Galxe, and various NFTs through an innovative recycling program.

Recycling Program

This groundbreaking recycling program will empower users to transform unused or outdated NFTs into valuable assets within the Arcaden ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates on how Burn Island will continue to evolve, providing users with more ways to engage and benefit.

How to Burn?

Step 1: Select V1 G3M to Burn

Drop-down of V1 G3Ms available to burn
Silver G3M with quantity of 2 selected

Step 2: Click on ℹ️ to view Notice Message

Notice Modal

Step 3: Select Quantity and click “BURN”

Hit “MAX” to select the maximum available quantity to burn

Step 4: Hit on “Yes” to continue

Confirmation to continue

Step 5: Hit on “Yes” to proceed with the burn transaction

Gas fees calculated in Credits

Step 6: Do not refresh page and wait for the transaction to be successful

“Transaction Successful” Prompt

Step 7: Hit on your profile and Select “Account”

Navigating to User Profile Page

Step 8: View the Collectible attained on your User Profile Page

User Profile Page with Collectibles displayed


Burn Island marks a turning point in Arcaden’s journey, creating a dynamic link between the past, present, and future of gaming collectibles. As you embark on this adventure, remember that Burn Island is not just a feature; it’s a stepping stone to a world where every interaction with the feature holds the promise of new and exciting possibilities.

Stay connected and let the flames of Burn Island illuminate your path in the World of Arcaden! We encourage you to stay informed by keeping an eye on our official channels for updates, new features and more!

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