Salad Bowl: Blackjack Bonus!

Win 1,000 $SALD just by engaging with the Community!

Salad Ventures
3 min readDec 17, 2023


We are thrilled to announce our new Discord community engagement initiative: Blackjack Bonus! This campaign is designed to foster interaction, fun, and rewards within our community. Members of the community can head over to our #🃏|blackjack-bonus channel on Discord to participate.

Participation is free. Members only need to accumulate a total of 1,000 Chips through daily claims, chatting, or the mini blackjack game. These 1,000 chips can then be used to purchase an item called the ‘Plaque’, which can be used to claim the prize of 1,000 $SALD through a support ticket. A limit of 200 plaques is available for claiming.

Key Timelines (All times at 09:00 UTC)

  • Campaign Period:
    18 December 2023 — 27 December 2023.
  • Rewards Distribution:
    The payout will be completed and announced on 29 December 2023.

Blackjack Bonus Instructions

What are Chips?

Chips is the currency that you will be able to earn in the #🃏|blackjack-bonus channel on our Discord. Members will need to collect 1,000 Chips to buy a Plaque in our server shop!

3 Methods to Gain More Chips

  1. Daily Claims (18 Dec to 24 Dec)
    Type /collect-income once every 24 hours in ⁠#🃏|blackjack-bonus to earn your holder income. You are eligible to collect 100 chips daily as a @Salad Ventures member.
  2. Play Blackjack (18 Dec to 27 Dec)
    Try your luck in a game of Blackjack using the /blackjack command in the ⁠#🃏|blackjack-bonus channel.
  3. Chat & Earn (18 Dec to 27 Dec)
    You will earn 2 Chips every 12 minutes when you chat in ⁠the #🌎 General-Chat or ⁠#🎟 Clubhouse channels. Total of 10 Chips per hour.

How to check balance of Chips?

Type /balance to check user balance in the ⁠#🃏|blackjack-bonus channel.

How to purchase a Plaque for 1,000 Chips

Type /item buy and select ‘plaque’ to purchase one*.

Do note that each participant will be limited to one plaque and plaques are non-transferable and can only be claimed once.

A limit of 200 plaques is available for claiming.

How to redeem $SALD with a Plaque

  1. Open a ⁠#📨|support-ticket to redeem your plaque by showing that your item inventory has a plaque and leaving your Metamask/Trust Wallet ERC20 address.
  2. Use /inventory in ⁠#📨|support-ticket to show your item inventory.
  3. Our moderators will take the plaque away from you once your Discord username and wallet address is registered in the public ledger here:
  4. All unclaimed Chips and Plaques will be removed on 28 December 2023.

Please be aware that your Discord username and Wallet Address will be made public on 29 December 2023 as part of our Rewards Distribution announcement for transparency.

Post Reward Distribution

Calculations will commence once the Blackjack Bonus campaign comes to a close.

Following the calculations, the winners’ payout will be transferred from our Treasury wallet to Bybit. Winners can anticipate the transfer of their 1,000 $SALD tokens from Bybit thereafter.

The announcement for the post-reward distribution will occur on 29 December. The following transaction details will be shared along with the:

  • Token Transfer Transaction from Treasury to Bybit
  • Winners’ Payout — Discord Username, Wallet Address & Tx Hash

Join Us and Start Playing!

With the “Blackjack Bonus” initiative, not only do you get to engage with fellow members, but you also stand a chance to earn exciting rewards.

Ready to dive into the fun and rewards? Join our Discord community now and start playing!

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