Kickstarting P2E and the Future of Arcaden

Summary of the Latest Discord AMA — 11 January 2024

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4 min readJan 12, 2024

In a recent, highly-anticipated AMA session held on Discord, the Arcaden team shared vital updates and insights into the platform’s progress and future. The event, focused on the diverse ways players can engage and earn within the Arcaden ecosystem, featured Gabriel, the Product Lead at Arcaden, and Felix, the Co-Founder of Salad Ventures, as the primary speakers.

Join us as we delve into the key highlights from this session, offering a deeper understanding of Arcaden’s vision, the mechanics of its play-to-earn model, and the exciting developments on the horizon.

Play Games, Win NFTs, Earn Rewards

At its core, Arcaden aims to revolutionize the gaming experience. The mission is straightforward yet impactful: providing users with a casual and sustainable environment to earn rewards.

Asset Flow in the Arcaden Ecosystem

Understanding the flow of assets within Arcaden is crucial. Here's a breakdown:

  • $SALD: The primary entry point, accessible through various exchanges.
  • Credits and Shards: Obtainable via $SALD, credits lead to earning shards.
  • Collectibles and NFTs: Shards can be converted into collectibles, which in turn can be minted into NFTs.
  • Earning mSALD: Owning NFTs enables users to earn mSALD, a key currency in the reward system.

mSALD: The New Reward Currency

mSALD is the latest addition to the Arcaden universe. This off-chain currency is central to the rewards, allowing conversions into Credits or $SALD. Initially, mSALD can only be converted into Credits, with future plans to include $SALD conversion.

SALDiamond and MOXIE NFTs

Arcaden is also introducing SALDiamond as a Collectible, and enhancing MOXIE NFTs with better design and animation. SALDiamond holders will receive special benefits, and users can acquire this collectible using credits.

Weapon Upgrades and Combat Points

Arcaden will introduce three methods to upgrade weapons:

  • Forging: Upgrading weapons by burning them with G3Ms.
  • Upgrading: Enhancing weapons by using multiple copies of the same type.
  • Leveling: Using G3Ms to level up weapons, with each level requiring more G3Ms. This system allows for diverse participation, catering to different user investment levels.

Engaging Quests and Challenges

Two types of activities will be introduced to Arcaden:

  • Challenges: Instant encounters with immediate rewards based on success or failure.
  • Adventures: Longer-term commitments where players stake characters for rewards over time. The rewards vary based on the adventure or boss challenge, including Shards, Collectibles, or mSALD.

Arcaden League and Guild Features

The upcoming Arcaden League introduces a competitive aspect, allowing both solo and guild participation. The league will focus on combat points, shard burning, and quest completions for various rewards.

Future Developments

Arcaden's roadmap is filled with exciting features:

  • New NFTs and Collectibles, including a special Chinese New Year chest.
  • An upgrade to the Burn Island for accepting more NFT collections.
  • A recycling program for less valuable NFTs.
  • Distribution of Collectibles and prizes in the form of mSALD.
  • Plans for $ASDF (Arcaden Shards Decentralized Fragments) as a new token.
  • Upcoming MOXIE releases and customization options.
  • Introduction of Arcadian avatars for users without MOXIEs.
  • Daily rewards for certain pass holders (Arcaden VIP Pass)

Long-Term Vision and Community Engagement

Looking ahead, Arcaden plans to introduce a comprehensive NFT compendium, a marketplace, PvP features, and more. The team encourages community involvement through various channels and emphasizes staying updated with their roadmap.

As we continue to shape the future of gaming at Arcaden, we’re excited to delve even deeper into our ecosystem, strategies, and community insights in upcoming articles.

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