$SALD to $1b FDV in 2024?

Reviewing 2023 & What’s Next for 2024

Salad Ventures
9 min readDec 31, 2023

At Salad, 2023 has been a landmark year. We survived the bear market, and introduced massive upgrades to our platform — Arcaden.com.

This year, we focused on innovation, building, and growing positive community engagement.

$SALD Token

Our token was listed on five exchanges less than 6 months ago, despite the bear market. We made the decision to list at that time, because we knew from past experiences that once the bull market returns, we will have to compete with the other projects for listing slots on the top exchanges.

We’re now listed on:
* Bybit and Bitget in July
* Third listing on MEXC
* $SALD’s debut on Uniswap
* Listing of $SALD on XT.com

As the market starts to demonstrate pre-bull vibes, our token is also starting to be noticed by the mass group of investors and traders.

Our market cap has almost doubled from $400k to $800k. This is in conjunction with the low circulating supply at the time of this newsletter (4%).

$SALD price movement has also started to show a turnaround that is supported by volume increase. Previously, our daily volume hovered around $300k. Various technical resistance levels have also been breached, and higher support levels have been formed on different trading timeframes.

We’re now trading at around $1m in daily volume and this continues to increase, signifying a 3x increase in trading volume.

$SALD has also seen a price increase of almost +80% in the last month.

$SALD Up Only

Polygon Partnership

In 2024, we will run a massive marketing campaign in partnership with Polygon to announce the launch of $SALD on Polygon PoS. As part of this partnership, we will also be moving all our G3M NFTs from BNB Chain to Polygon PoS. This campaign will run from mid-Jan to end-Feb for the period of Chinese New Year, and we expect to have 100–200k participants join in this exciting new development for the $SALD token.

Staking Guilds

We will also be launching Staking Guilds on Polygon in 2024 that will give benefits to holders of the $SALD token. This has not been introduced in the past because of bearish sentiments in the market, but the market is ready for this now.

Primarily, we believe the demand in our token is driven by market sentiments, improved community engagement levels on our Discord, and also the major announcements we made for our online gaming platform — Arcaden.com.

Value Accrual

  1. Users buy $SALD and deposit to Arcaden for CREDITS
  2. User uses credits to play games and open chests on Arcaden
  3. User gets rewarded with Shards
  4. Shards are used to exchange for Collectibles
  5. Users burn old v1 G3M NFTs using CREDITS
  6. Users will mint new Collectibles as NFTs using CREDITS
  7. Users participate in seasonal leagues where the highest points get the most rewards
  8. Rewards are paid out in $SALD, Shards, Collectibles, or whitelists to upcoming partner projects

With the return of the bull market, the attention that we are getting from the NFT collectors/Gaming community, and the improved technical charts of our token, we believe that $SALD is on track to an $80m market cap (Currently around $500–800k). This target is still significantly lower than the other P2E guilds who are trading at a range of $100-$120m market cap.

You can buy $SALD here:

Massive Update for Arcaden

Our team has been diligently focused on developing our flagship product, The World of Arcaden. This step encompasses a comprehensive revamp of both Arcaden.com and our G3M NFTs to V2. The rollout of these enhanced features for both V2 G3Ms and Arcaden are progressive, spanning from Q4 2023 to Q2 2024.

Our most recent release was Burn Island, where users have the opportunity to burn their V1 G3M NFTs in exchange for Collectibles on Arcaden.com. These Collectibles can later be minted into V2 G3M NFTs once the minting feature is launched. This will ultimately contribute to points in the Arcaden League, where rewards in $SALD are up for grabs.

Arcaden Public Roadmap

As we move into 2024, we are gearing up for a few major updates coming to our flagship product, the World of Arcaden.

We have recently release the Arcaden Public Roadmap. As we continue launching new features at an increasing pace, our Public Roadmap becomes an essential piece of information for our users to see what we have planned over the next few months and stay ahead of the game.

Stay tuned for the launch of the minting feature and the highly anticipated Arcaden League, coming in January 2024.

Other Achievements

Here at Salad, we’ve achieved several milestones this year, significantly impacting the Web3 space. We’re proud of the recognitions we’ve received and here are some notable ones:

1 Million Mints in 3 Months

Our community members have minted over 1 million G3M NFTs in less than three months. This achievement stands as a testament to our unique X-To-Play-To-Win approach.

By incentivizing simple engagements like social media interactions and Web3 app registrations, we’ve fostered an active and committed user base. This strategy not only drove substantial traffic and value to our ecosystem partners but also established our project as a leader in the space. Our focus on rewarding users with NFTs, rather than just tokens, has differentiated us and contributed to a sustainable, thriving ecosystem.

Binance Awards July Gas Grant

Our G3M NFT Series was selected as one of the winners of the Binance Gas Grant for July. This recognition arrived at an exhilarating time, just as we were nearing the 4 million mint mark for this series. The success of G3M is a reflection of the unwavering support and enthusiasm of our community members, to whom we owe immense gratitude.

The Binance Gas Grant represents a prestigious accolade within the BNB Chain ecosystem, awarded to projects that exemplify innovation and contribution to the ecosystem’s growth. The selection criteria are stringent, making this recognition particularly noteworthy. Being chosen for the Gas Grant underscores the value and potential of our G3M project in the evolving landscape of Web3.

#1 on Polygon — Salad adVentures SPLY Crate NFTs series

Riding on this success, we set our sights on new horizons and launched the Salad adVentures SPLY Crate NFTs series on Polygon. This new venture quickly gained traction, surpassing 500K mints in just over a month and even clinching the top spot on PolygonScan in the ERC-721 transactions category, consistently maintaining a top 10 ranking on other days. This expansion marked a significant milestone in our journey, showcasing our growing influence and versatility in the Web3 space.

Notable Partnerships and Collaborations

Partnership with OKC (OKX Chain)

Our collaboration with OKC (OKX Chain) for Salad Tuesdays was a highlight. Held on March 28th in Singapore, this collaboration marked a new chapter in bringing together founders, builders, and investors in the Web3 community. The event, renowned for facilitating valuable connections and catalyzing project launches, gained an added dimension with OKC’s involvement.

MetaOne — Official Gaming Partner

This collaboration opened new avenues for nearly 100,000 active Arcaden players, granting them access to over 130 games including Era7, OceanX, and Hydraverse. The union of these gaming giants not only amplified our growth but also expanded the utility of our $SALD token and G3M NFTs within MetaOne’s platform, benefiting its community of over 320K gamers.

Coupled with $SALD’s listings on prominent exchanges like Bybit, Bitget, and MEXC, and surpassing 4 million mints in our G3M NFT series, this partnership underscored our prowess in Web3 user acquisition and engagement

Amplifying the Gamification Revolution

The surge in collaborations underscores the industry’s recognition of Arcaden’s innovative approach to gamification. By redefining user engagement through a unique blend of gaming and earning, fostering meaningful collaborations, and embodying a future-forward vision, Arcaden has not only diversified its gamified experiences but also established itself as a beacon for businesses seeking to revolutionize engagement strategies.

SocioCat — A SaladAdventure in Crypto and Fun

Doughboy Dimples the Purrfect Plumpster

To kick off this partnership, we launched Pawtropolis — Chonky SocioCats Series, which brought a unique collection of 3D animated chonky cat NFTs to our community in collaboration with Sociocatxyz. This initiative, more than just a collection, offered our members the chance to mint their own NFTs for free (minus gas fees) on Galxe.

Salad Tuesdays


Our Salad Tuesdays initiative has been instrumental in connecting Web3.0 builders regionally through curated in-person events. With over 30 events organized in the last 2 years, we have witnessed the participation of over 4,000 unique attendees from 700+ organizations across Web2.5 and Web3.0. These events have facilitated valuable networking opportunities and led to the formation of over 100 official partnerships.

Salad’s Official Verification Centre


This milestone reflects our unwavering commitment to the safety and protection of our vibrant community. In a digital landscape where trust is essential, we’ve taken proactive measures to safeguard our community members from scams and unauthorized activities, reinforcing the security and trust within our ecosystem.

Discord Community Highlights

Looking Forward

We’re buzzing with excitement about an upcoming partnership that we can’t fully reveal yet, but here’s a sneak peek: this partnership promises to open up new avenues and opportunities, enhancing the utility and reach of $SALD within the dynamic world of Web3.

Stay tuned for the big reveal in January 2024!

As we close the chapter on an eventful 2023 at Salad, we look back with pride at the milestones achieved and forward with anticipation to the opportunities that lie ahead.

Our journey has been one of relentless pursuit of excellence, breaking new ground in blockchain technology, and fostering a community where everyone has the chance to thrive. With exciting developments on the horizon and a team more dedicated than ever, we’re confident that the best is yet to come.

Join us as we continue to shape the future of Web3, one innovation at a time.

You can buy $SALD here:

Then join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/saladventures to chat with our core team in #Clubhouse channel.

We hope your 2023 was as eventful and productive as ours, and wish you all the best for the new year to come.

— Team SALD