The Festive Salad Wrap 🎄🥗

A Quick Roundup of Recent Community Engagement Initiatives!

Salad Ventures
4 min readDec 14, 2023

As we revel in the joyous atmosphere of the festive season, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey we embarked on with our recent campaigns — the Festive Forecast Fiesta and the Salad Bowl!

These initiatives brought the community together, spiced up the crypto experience, and added a dash of excitement to the end of the year.

Festive Forecast Fiesta: Guess and Win!

In the wake of a thrilling holiday guessing game, where participants’ predictions led to fantastic rewards, the community reflects on the joyous season. Many embraced the unique event by forecasting the turnout of the community vote. As the campaign concluded, holiday intuitions were put to the test — did their predictions shine through?

How it works

With the use of, participants simply had to have at least 100 $SALD in the wallet connected to the site to participate and forecast the turnout of the range of votes. E.g. 51–75 votes; 76–100 votes etc.

In maintaining a fair and level playing field for all participants during the campaign, each wallet had a single voting power and each successful forecaster had a cap on winnings, limiting them to a maximum of 1,000 $SALD. The festive prize pool, offering a total of up to 1,000,000 $SALD, was the heart of the campaign, creating excitement and opportunities.

Additionally, it’s noteworthy that the campaign garnered substantial participation, with a total of 48 participants, representing approximately 20% of the total $SALD holders. Among them, an impressive 35% accurately predicted the vote outcome, each winning 1,000 $SALD.

Rewards Distribution and Token Burn

A total of 17,000 $SALD was distributed among the 17 voters who participated and engaged in the event.

The tokens have been successfully transferred to Bybit from the Treasury wallet to facilitate the payout to the deserving winners. You can view the transaction details by following this link: Etherscan Transaction.

The payout process has been completed and winners are encouraged to check their wallets for the credited tokens. View the wallet addresses and transaction hashes here: FFF Winners’ Payout.

Instead of the initially planned 1:1 burn, the team decided to make an even more significant contribution by burning 1,700,000 $SALD instead of the intended 17,000. This decision substantially reduces the circulating supply, reinforcing Salad’s commitment to token value and sustainability. You can view the burn transaction details by following this link: Etherscan Burn Transaction.

Salad Bowl: Higher or Lower?

Following the success of the Festive Forecast Fiesta, we introduced the Salad Bowl — an innovative community engagement initiative that transformed the crypto landscape into a dynamic salad bar. The campaign centered around predicting the ETH price movement, offering participants a chance to engage with the crypto market in a unique way.

How it works

At the campaign’s commencement, the ETH price at 09:00 UTC served as the baseline. Participants were tasked with predicting whether the ETH price would be higher or lower by the end of the campaign, which spanned from 09:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC.

To participate, individuals were required to invest a minimum of 1000 $SALD in their prediction and transfer it into the respective team’s wallet — Team Higher or Team Lower. If their prediction proved correct, participants stood to win a share of the losers’ pool, proportionate to the amount they had initially invested.

As the Salad Bowl campaign concluded, participants eagerly awaited the results to see if their predictions aligned with the market movement. The campaign not only offered a unique way for the community to engage with the crypto landscape but also allowed them to increase their $SALD holdings.

Rewards Distribution and Token Burn

The Salad Bowl adventure wraps up with enthusiasm and anticipation of the results. The recent competition concluded with a snapshot of the ETH price at 09:00 UTC, standing at $2,363.24 USD, and the final price at 23:59 UTC, settling at $2,340.32 USD. Team Lower emerged victorious in this price prediction challenge.

Following the conclusion of the competition, the distribution of rewards has been successfully completed. Winners were encouraged to check their wallets as 10,332 $SALD have been sent out as a part of the prize pool. View the wallet addresses and transaction hashes here: Salad Bowl Winners’ Payout.

To ensure a positive impact on the $SALD ecosystem, a portion of the prize pool has been burned. The burn transaction details can be viewed here: Etherscan Burn Transaction.

What’s Next? Join the Festive Fun!

As we bid adieu to these campaigns, we invite you to stay tuned for more exciting adventures. Another campaign taking place on our Discord server is on the horizon — Blackjack Bonus — get ready to unfold the festive fun once again!

Connect with us, share your experiences, and ask us about the upcoming campaign on our Discord server.

Happy festivities, #SaladFam!

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