Unlocking Wealth: Dive into the World of Daily Rewards on Arcaden

Exclusive Daily Rewards for NFT Holders!

Salad Ventures
3 min readDec 12, 2023

Greetings, Arcadians!

Brace yourselves for a groundbreaking journey as Arcaden.com introduces a dazzling new feature tailored exclusively for Salad Passport and SALDiamond/MOXIE holders — the all-new Daily Rewards!

Dive into the realm of NFT benefits, where your loyalty is not just acknowledged but richly rewarded every 24 hours.

🎉 Daily Rewards for NFT Holders

1. Exclusive NFT Benefits!

SALDiamond & Salad Passport NFTs

a. Salad Passport NFT:

Salad Passport holders, rejoice! Your daily ritual now includes claiming a substantial 50 Shards, amplifying your Arcaden experience with a daily boost that keeps you at the forefront of the action.

b. SALDiamond/MOXIE NFT:

For SALDiamond and MOXIE holders, the thrill escalates with a daily reward bonanza ranging from 500 to 1000 Shards per day, per NFT owned! Brace yourselves for a random reward extravaganza that adds an exciting twist to your daily interactions.

2. Club Salad Genesis Pass — 2X Multiplier!

Club Salad Genesis Pass NFT

For individuals wielding the prestigious Club Salad Genesis Pass, a 2x multiplier is the cherry on top. This means that every daily reward, regardless of the NFT owned, is doubled!

Picture this: if you own 1x Salad Passport NFT (50 Shards), 1x SALDiamond NFT (Max. 1000 Shards), and 1x Club Salad Genesis Pass NFT (X2), you’re poised to earn up to an impressive 2,100 Shards daily!

💡 Why Daily Rewards Matter

1. Increased Utility for NFT Holders:

The acquisition of these specified NFTs is no longer merely a showcase of passion. It is a strategic move that provides an advantage over fellow Arcadians. Daily rewards become a powerful incentive for not just holding but actively participating in the Arcaden ecosystem.

2. Getting Ahead:

Unlocking daily Shards through the Daily Rewards feature is your ticket to opening more Arcaden Chests. This translates to increased opportunities to secure the rarest Collectibles.

Concept Sketch of Burn Island

With the much-anticipated launch of Burn Island and Minting features approaches, collecting more Shards positions you ahead in the race. Seize the chance to mint Collectibles into NFTs and gain a strategic edge in the upcoming Arcaden League!

🌐 Enter the World of Arcaden

The introduction of Daily Rewards on Arcaden is a game-changer that not only elevate the status of NFT ownership but also transform it into a dynamic, rewarding adventure.

The time is NOW to snag your Daily Rewards on Arcaden!

  • Mint your FREE Salad Passport here and embark on a journey of daily surprises and rewards!
  • Elevate your rewards game with the Club Salad Genesis Pass here! This golden ticket unlocks a universe of multiplied rewards.

Remember, the gaming community at Arcaden is vibrant, and new features are always on the horizon. Want to find out more? Read more on the revamped Arcaden here: Unveiling the World of Arcaden.

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